After Chris Cornell’s death: ‘Only Eddie Vedder is left. Let that sink in.’

Friday, 19 May 2017, 01:22:31 PM. Many said the Pearl Jam frontman is the last living icon of grunge.
Pearl Jam’s lead vocalist Eddie Vedder performs in concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thursday Nov. 3, 2011. (AP/Andre Penner) Eddie Vedder stands alone now. Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s death Wednesday night left rock fans reflecting on the grunge era, and many came to a sorrowful realization: Vedder, the frontman of Pearl Jam, is one of the movement’s only icons who is still alive. The voices I grew up with:Andy Wood Layne Staley Chris Cornell Kurt Cobain…only Eddie Vedder is left. Let that sink in. — Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper) May 18, 2017 The story of grunge is also one of death. The sound, loud as it could be, was relegated in the 1980s to a handful of indie-label bands in the Pacific Northwest. The genre’s songs were gloomy as the gray Seattle sky, and heroin usage was not uncommon among its guitar-wielding practitioners. Before the genre exploded through the headphones of disaffected, middle-America teenagers, its numbers were already dwindling. Mother Love Bone’s frontman Andrew Wood, whom the New York Times said “could have been the first of the big-league Seattle rock stars,” died of a heroin overdose in 1990. Stefanie Sargent of the punk band 7 Year Bitch died similarly two years later. [Death of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, a founding father of grunge, ruled a suicide] Still, with breakout hits from Nirvana and Soundgarden leading the way, grunge finally flooded American soundwaves and, with them, the Billboard charts. In...Read more
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