After Murphy's win, 'happy days are here again' for Democrats

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 12:40:42 AM. Joe Albright's column appears every week in The Jersey Journal.

New Jersey returned to "normal" on Election Day when Phil Murphy, the Democrat, was elected as the state's 56th governor. 

It'll become official on Tuesday, Jan. 9, at noon when Murphy is inaugurated. 

The election was devoid of any surprises -- the candidates did pretty much what the reputable polls predicted in the final weeks of the campaign. The Republican candidate, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, kept it relatively close as Murphy won 56 percent to her 46 percent -- just what the polls said. 

Murphy, the former Goldman Sachs executive and ambassador to Germany, will be accompanied at the inauguration by Sheila Oliver, the former Assembly speaker and first African-American to hold the office of lieutenant governor. Guadagno was the state's first-ever lieutenant governor. 

Murphy's victory speech was unique  -- he bounced around the stage with enthusiasm that reminded me of getting out of school for summer vacation. 

Now the fun part for the Democrats begins -- they'll be deciding who serves in Murphy's cabinet while Gov. Chris Christie leaves office as the least popular governor in New Jersey history, if not the nation. 

The Democrats also kept control of the legislature: 25-15 in the Senate and 54-26 in the Assembly. 

For Democrats, it's once again "Happy Days are Here Again," as minted in the President Franklin D. Roosevelt era. For Republicans, black armbands.  

Joe Albright's column appears every week in The Jersey Journal.

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