Banksy’s ‘Haight Street Rat’ on display in Windsor

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 07:47:58 AM. 'Haight Street Rat,' by elusive, anonymous artist Banksy, will be on display for free through Thursday at Wolfhead Distillery in Windsor, Ontario.
Street-art enthusiasts take note — there’s a rare, brief opportunity to see a bonafide painting by the elusive, anonymous British artist Banksy. Windsor’s Wolfhead Distillery will exhibit “Haight Street Rat,” painted in 2010 on a San Francisco bed-and-breakfast, through Thursday, along with works by local Ontario street artists. At least, this Banksy is about as bonafide as you can get, given the artist famously refuses to state that a given work is his. “When Banksy did this in 2010, the only way he’d authenticate was by putting a photo of the piece on his own website. ” said Nashville resident and art-world entrepreneur Brian Greif, who now owns the work. “And the rat was on his web page,” he added. “It was authenticated.” Greif is one of the chief characters in the 2017 Netflix documentary “Saving Banksy,” which explores the tricky morality surrounding street art and attempts to preserve it, much less profit by it. Detroiters may well remember the brouhaha when representatives of 555 Gallery extracted the cement-block mural, “I Remember When All This Was Trees,” from the crumbling Packard plant in 2010. The painting featured a glum little boy with a paint brush and can. The gallery was attacked for removing the mural in the first place, but criticism died down once they put the piece on display. All that revved up again, however, when 555 sold “I Remember” in 2015 at auction in Los Angeles for $137,500. “I don’t see how they can candy-coat selling the Banksy,” local artist...Read more
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