Bills to keep SAT scores off transcripts pick up steam

Tuesday, 09 May 2017, 01:40:33 AM. A bill to keep SAT scores off students' high school transcripts won the unanimous approval of the Illinois Senate May 3, while a nearly identical bill won full backing of the Illinois House March 29.
The state's switch to the College Board's SAT as the required exam for Illinois high school juniors has generated some test anxiety among parents who would rather the scores not appear on the transcripts sent to colleges and universities. Responding to constituents' appeals, two north suburban lawmakers introduced legislation earlier this year to change the mandate that scores from the state-required SAT appear on student transcripts. Senate Bill 757 sponsored by State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) passed the unanimously May 3 on a 54-0 vote. "I heard concerns from several different communities in my district, both Cook and Lake County communities," Morrison said. "People called and were concerned about the SAT scores from tests given on that particular day appearing on the transcript." Morrison said some of the concern stemmed from the early timing of the test, which is given in April of junior year. Students have multiple options for taking either the SAT or the ACT on a Saturday testing date during the fall of their senior year for college purposes. State law currently requires that "scores attained by a student on the state assessment that includes a college and career readiness determination must be placed in the student's permanent record and must be entered on a student's transcript." Morrison said she contacted the State Board of Education before moving forward. The bill originally would have allowed a parent or guardian to request that the scores be taken off...Read more
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