Bra looks completely different IRL to online

Monday, 28 August 2017, 03:39:13 PM. THERE’S nothing quite as infuriating as getting excited about an online purchase, only to be bitterly disappointed when it arrives in the mail later on.

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What the top looks like in real life.

Women who have purchased this bralette off Amazon have experienced just that.

Look, there were probably some red flags that indicated this seller was not entirely legit.

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The photo of the top on AmazonSource:Facebook

First, in broken English the product description says the bra will “reflect your sexy and charming [sic]”.

Second, it’s being sold for 20 pence (32 cents), with £3 ($4.90) postage and packaging not included. Way too cheap.

Then there’s this little disclaimer: “NOTE: This is Asian Size and would have ONE/ TWO size smaller, please compare the detail sizes with yours before you buy. Use similar clothing to compare with the size.”

One woman shared this photo of herself on Facebook when her bra arrived in the mail.

bra-looks-completely-different-irl-to-online photo 3

What the top looks like in real life.Source:Facebook

“Thought I’d give you all a laugh this evening,” she wrote.

“So I saw the post from the girl who ordered this gorgeous bralette for bargain price … so I thought f**k it I will spend £4 on my self, don’t normally!

“It turned up today! Was so excited!!! Until I tried it on. I brought the XL!!!! F**k you internet!”

Other customers also shared their negative experience.

One Amazon customer said: “F***ing ridiculous I couldn’t even breathe.”

Another agreed: “Mine hurts to wear its so tight.”

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