Brazilian President Temer is hit with new corruption allegations

Saturday, 20 May 2017, 09:13:26 AM. Temer insists he’s innocent, but analysts say his government is on ‘life support’
RIO DE JANEIRO — President Michel Temer faced new pressure to resign Friday, after Brazil’s supreme court said prosecutors are investigating him for obstruction of justice and corruption, and a government witness claimed his company paid $1.5 million to Temer in bribes.  A day after the release of surreptitious audio recordings in which Temer seemed to condone a criminal coverup in the “Car Wash” investigation, the court released testimony accusing him of soliciting illegal payments from meatpacking firm JBS.   The court also put out new videotaped accusations by the company’s chairman claiming former presidents Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Ignacio “Lula” da Silva each received tens of millions of dollars in dirty money from the company. He claimed the illegal payments were destined for campaign slush funds. Rousseff did not immediately respond to the allegations. Lula’s attorneys denied them.  Temer has told Brazilians he’s done nothing wrong, rejecting calls for his resignation Thursday in a defiant statement on national television. But the new charges have left his survival more imperiled than ever, and the country’s influential newspaper O Globo called on him to step down in an editorial Friday.  The two-day cascade of scandalous news has deepened Brazil’s misery, crashing financial markets and wiping out incipient signs of recovery from the country’s worst economic slump.  “Brazil’s political and economic system is exhausted,” said Paulo Sotero, director of the Brazil...Read more
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