Chandler bartender's abrupt firing creates social-media storm: 'I feel so disrespected,' Brandon Casey says

Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 12:54:37 PM. Bartender Brandon Casey helped open The Ostrich in Chandler, developed the bar program, hired the staff and did the design for the underground space.
Beverage director Brandon Casey was abruptly let go this weekend from The Ostrich cocktail bar in Chandler. But what should have been an often-ordinary move in the restaurant industry became a public-relations nightmare for a restaurant group facing customers' ire all over social media.   That's because Crust, which owns the underground bar at the San Marcos Resort, announced it had "to part ways" with Casey in a Facebook post moments after doing so Saturday night. The now-deleted Facebook post that made Brandon Casey's firing public. (Photo: Kellie Hwang) "The management team at The Ostrich" shared the news in a now-deleted Facebook post: “We are saddened that we find it necessary to part ways with the mega talented Brandon. The needs of the business must come first. We will miss his extraordinary knowledge of liquor, it’s (sic) chemistry and its history. We wish Brandon well, with much luck and success in his future endeavors. The post drew a flurry of comments, many defending Casey and questioning why the termination was posted publicly.  One person wrote: “Wonder if you realize that Brandon and his talent (and talent at drawing like talent) is what made the Ostrich. Really unprofessional move in a community that is smaller and more loyal that you clearly realize.” “There goes my motivation to visit The Ostrich,” another person wrote. There were some negative comments toward Casey, too. One person said: “Good riddance. We heard so many good things about him but last...Read more
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