Children’s Trust still advocating for kids, 15 years after inception

Monday, 13 November 2017, 09:23:40 PM. The Children’s Trust runs more than 200 programs to better the lives of children from birth on. Amigos for Kids helping to prevent child abuse.
Miami-Dade County really cares about kids — so much so that 15 years ago, voters approved dedicating $50 per $100,000 of property value to improve their lives through The Children’s Trust. Then in fall 2008, when home values were plummeting, county voters approved reauthorizing the funding by a resounding 86 percent. “Fundamentally, we built a movement that embraces all of us,” said Dave Lawrence, the former Miami Herald publisher who retired to start The Children’s Trust. “It’s one community saying, ‘Here’s what we want for our children.’ ” Today the trust supports more than 200 programs to better the lives of children from birth on. “We take a cradle-to-graduation approach when funding children’s services, in order to provide families with programs that meet their needs. We know being a parent is a tough job, and we want to help make sure that every child in Miami-Dade County reaches their full potential,” said Jim Haj, the Trust’s executive director. The largest chunk of money goes to youth development, funding everything from summer camps and after-school programs to internships and reading enrichment. Another program offers every 3-year-old in the county free books. Parents can register via The Children’s Trust home page, They will receive a new book each month along with book-related activities to do with their child, explained Rachel Spector, who oversees early childhood development programs. The Trust also funds preschool intervention programs, such as Early...Read more
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