Conservatives Destroying Keurigs Are Inadvertently Joining an Environmentalist Movement

Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 11:11:34 PM. Progressive advocates have been urging people to give up K-Cups for years.
Over the last 24 hours, fans of the talk-show host Sean Hannity have taken to destroying Keurig coffee-pod machines. In what’s being called the “Keurig Smash Challenge,” many people have posted videos online of aggressive destruction. At least one person did so with a golf club. The challenge is metaphorical, as the coffee makers are small and fragile. And the performances are rather a protest of a protest, unfolding in the wake of Keurig pulling its advertising from Hannity’s show as a result of his tepid coverage of the child-molestation allegations surrounding Alabama judge and senate candidate Roy Moore. Hannity applied a criminal precedent to a political race, arguing that “every single person in this country deserves the presumption of innocence.” In response to consumer complaints, Keurig wrote Saturday, “We worked with our media partner and Fox News to stop our ad from airing during The Sean Hannity Show,” in a tweet that has since been deleted. (Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort today clarified that “the decision to communicate our short-term media actions on Twitter was done outside of company protocols.”) Snoop Bailey / Twitter The ideological basis of the Keurig Smash Challenge is murky and filled with directionless energy, not unlike coffee. The protesting of Keurig is a small step removed from overtly supporting the reported actions of Moore. What’s more, destroying Keurig machines also clearly aligns these people with a global environmentalist movement. In 2015, the “Kill...Read more
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