Dear Abby: Boyfriend skips sex, so I rely on ex

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 01:04:14 PM. Encounters once a month aren't enough for this reader, who has been hooking up an ex for six months but feels guilty about it.
DEAR ABBY: I have been dating this guy for a year and a half and he’s not into making love. He’s happy if we only do it once a month and, when he does give in, he will only do the same old position. I, on the other hand, enjoy sex. My ex (we have been apart eight years) is now in a sexless marriage. We started hooking up six months ago — just for sex — and it is awesome. Part of me feels guilty because I’m against cheating, but I need sex. What should I do? — CHEATING IN THE NORTH DEAR CHEATING: Because the man you have been dating for a year and a half is a sexual mismatch, you need to end the romance. It would be kinder than continuing to cheat on him. Your married ex may seem like an oasis in the sexual desert right now, but don’t waste more time on him. He isn’t your future; he’s your past for good reason, I’m sure — so KEEP him there. DEAR ABBY: You have mentioned in the past that you have a booklet on writing letters, including thank-you notes. Where do I send for it? I’ll need four because my grandkids are lacking in that area. It’s truly a shame that younger generations haven’t been taught about the importance of such notes. A simple “thank you” can not only open doors of opportunity both socially and in employment, but also help grandparents feel appreciated after their heartfelt gift-giving. — NANCY IN NEVADA DEAR NANCY: If there is one subject that crops up repeatedly in my mail, it’s thank-you notes — or rather, the lack of them. I print letters about it because...Read more
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