Defending champion Boatily Floatily takes top honors in 2017 Medina High School Junk Boat Float

Thursday, 14 September 2017, 04:32:29 AM. Medina High School held its sixth annual Junk Boat Float Monday at Forest Meadows Lake, drawing 28 teams and raising $1,008 for water bottle filling stations.
MEDINA, Ohio - It's not always easy to come up with the right combination of junk to make a really good junk boat. Discarded plastic kiddie pools often quickly take on water. Duct tape doesn't always sufficiently stick to milk jugs. Sixteen-ounce water bottles tend to roll every which way when you try to string them together. Big ideas sometimes translate into unwieldy watercraft. And sometimes the simplest designs work best - and sometimes not. Medina High School students put all of these ideas and more to the test Monday during the sixth annual Junk Boat Float at Forest Meadows Lake. Sam the resident swan looked on in disdain as 28 teams competed in heats to see who would be this year's winner. In the end, defending champion Boatily Floatily - designed and captained by seniors Nolan Andrasik, Zach Robertson and Jake Wickert - once again took top honors while proudly flying a Medina cross country flag. The Junk Boat Float is meant to raise awareness about water pollution and conservation. It started out as a way for biology and environmental science teachers Laura Frawley and Jessica Niemantsverdriet (Mrs. Nemo) to teach their lessons in a fun way. Spanish teacher Sharon Schorr and her husband, Nelson, and physics teacher Andy Krejci also help out. Longhorn Steakhouse provides a burger and hot dog lunch to participants. In addition to its educational mission, the Junk Bloat Float raises funds for water bottle filling stations at city schools and the public restrooms on the...Read more
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