Development in Neill-Fraser appeal

Sunday, 16 July 2017, 11:03:48 PM. A NEW witness has come forward and will testify in convicted murderer Susan Neill-Fraser’s appeal, according to the Sunday Night program on the case which aired on Channel 7.
A photo of Bob Chappell on his yacht taken a few days before he disappeared. Picture: Supplied Neill-Fraser is serving 23 years in prison for the murder of her partner Bob Chappell, who disappeared from the couple’s yacht moored near Sandy Bay on Australia Day, 2009. His body was never found. The program reported that a new witness had come forward with details of private conversations with Meaghan Vass, the then 15-year-old homeless teenager whose DNA was discovered on board the couple’s yacht Four Winds. Sunday Night did not elaborate on who the witness is or the specific information they are expected to provide. The program revealed that Ms Vass had also been called to testify at Neill-Fraser’s upcoming Supreme Court appeal hearing, but was unable to interview her for legal reasons. Ms Vass has previously denied being on board the Four Winds, and police have said the DNA sample was believed to be a secondary transfer. Forensic scientist, professor Peter Gunn, said it was more likely that Ms Vass had been on board the yacht “at some stage” to leave the DNA sample. Neill-Fraser’s daughter Sarah Bowles said she hoped the testimonies would be enough to overturn her mother’s conviction. Tasmania Police assistant operations commissioner Glenn Frame said police had received limited material in relation to Neill-Fraser’s current appeal. Assistant commissioner Frame said the material was being reviewed in preparation for the appeal, and police would not comment on “speculation or...Read more
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