Do Not Disturb! 13 hotel signs that seek privacy creatively

Friday, 21 April 2017, 07:08:36 AM. Hotels have gotten creative with how they let guests ask for privacy with unique Do Not Disturb signs. Please quietly check out these 13.
(CNN)It's said the Inuit have a multitude of words for snow. In English, we have as many ways to tell people to keep out. Lately, hotels have gotten creative with how they let guests convey the sentiment with a rash of unique Do Not Disturb signs. Click through the gallery above for some of our favorites. The Liberty Hotel The Liberty enjoys poking fun at its notorious past -- the building was formerly the site of the Charles Street Jail. Read MoreIn keeping with the jailhouse theme, the hotel uses tags that read "solitary" (complete with jailers' keys) in place of traditional Do Not Disturb signs. The Liberty Hotel, 215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114; Candlewood Suites Candlewood Suites, the Intercontinental Hotel Group's chain of extensive-stay lodgings, has a quirky Do Not Disturb sign that interprets "catching Zs" literally -- with a net. 21 hotels you didn't know were owned by celebrities 21c Museum Hotel Durham Part art museum, part boutique hotel, it should come as no surprise that the 21c Museum Hotel in Durham borrows from its personal collection to add personality to standard hotel features. The door hanger, for instance, features a reproduction of a painting called "Sock Garter," by American artist Timothy Cummings. 21c Museum Hotel Durham, 111 North Corcoran Street, Durham, NC 27701; 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville The 21c Museum Hotel chain is also pet-friendly (score!). The chain has created a special sign for guests traveling with small mammals. 21c Museum...Read more
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