Easy Thanksgiving recipes: How to host your first big holiday meal

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 10:40:11 AM. A guest no longer, you've graduated to hosting: Pull out the cookbooks, get on Google and grab a glass (or bottle) of wine.
It’s finally happened. You’ve graduated from the kids’ table and have become a full-fledged adult. No more sitting on a folded chair with knees crammed hitting the bottom of an all-too-short card table. You have a spot at the adult table and you’re thrilled with your new status. But wait. There’s more. Your mom just called. Her kitchen renovation is behind schedule and she’s chosen you to cook the annual Thanksgiving feast. Pull out the books, get on Google and grab a glass (or bottle) of wine. It’s time to put together your Thanksgiving “to-do” list. Keep it simple and create a plan Your first Thanksgiving Day dinner is not the time to go all Food Network. Don’t stray into unfamiliar territory when preparing your inaugural turkey. You want the dinner to be delicious. You also want it to be memorable, in a good way. Approach this seemingly daunting task with a can-do attitude. Take a deep breath, peruse your kitchen and put together a plan. Gather four or five recipes that you know you can pull off, and remember that the oven is going to have to remain designated for the bird. Your first Thanksgiving is a big deal! Make it great with this Herb-Roasted Turkey. (Photo: Terri Milligan) The bird is the word On Thanksgiving, a perfectly prepared moist turkey is make or break. But how to pick out the right recipe for your limited turkey culinary skills? As you start your research, your head will start swirling with different turkey-making tips. There’s brining (both wet and dry),...Read more
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