Facebook Messenger brought back Tetris, so here's 9 other ways to waste time at work

Friday, 01 December 2017, 12:08:14 AM. Say goodbye to productivity!

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Prepare to have the Tetris song stuck in your head for the rest of the day, because the block-matching puzzle game is now available on a brand new platform: Facebook Messenger.

Originally released in 1984 by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris has had many homes; from arcades to computers to Game Boys to phones. But Messenger's Instant Games feature adds a new layer to the classic game: competing with friends.

A press release from the company announced the launch today, describing new features to the game like high-score leaderboards and "daily missions." Missions include score goals or specific tasks in a game, such as "10 single line clears," for which users can then collect points to level up. 

gameplaytetris_screenshot16 Tetris launched on Facebook Messenger's Instant Games on Thursday. Zebra Partners

You can play this new version of Tetris, and listen to that infuriatingly catchy theme song, on Facebook Messenger here.

Tetris isn't the only Facebook time-waster available to people who should be working (such as this reporter, who spent 15 minutes on the app "researching" this story). The company launched Instant Games one year ago, enticing users to spend more time on Messenger with over 50 games, both old and new. Here's just a few of those that will really suck up your day.

1. Galaga

Who doesn't love Galaga? Messenger's version of the arcade staple gives you just one life for shorter sessions, so it's great for those slightly-longer-than-acceptable-but-probably-no-one-will-question-it bathroom breaks.

2. Words With Friends

The social media version of Scrabble, perfect for tricking yourself into believing your sharpening your vocabulary, when actually you're just testing random combinations of letters.

3. Hex FRVR 

It's like Tetris but more chill, so it's easy to pick right back up again if you have to hide your phone when your boss walks by.

4. Space Invaders

Everyone knows and loves Space Invaders. If your boss catches you at this, he or she will probably just ask for an invite on the app.

5. Endless Lake

A Temple Run-esque runner game that's addicting but frustrating—try to transform your screams of rage into coughs if you can.

6. Pac-Man

Oh, this could go on for hours. Pac-Man is the ultimate addicting game—the only drawback is the controls on this version are hard to use in the Messenger app. But maybe that's for the best. After all, you should get some work done.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10 Pac-Man is available on Facebook Messenger's Instant Games. Facebook

7. Chess

For all you nerds out there, yes you can challenge your Facebook friends to a game of chess. It's just one move at a time, so it's easy to get away with at work!

8. 8 Ball Pool

For the slightly cooler, but still not that cool of nerds to play together.

9. Bingo

Perfect for the grandparents stuck at their grandchildren's sporting event.

All these time-wasting games can be found by click on the game controller icon when you open a Facebook message to someone. (Or you can send a message to yourself to play solo!)

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