Fortify yourself for the holidays with Alaska seafood, kefirs and farm-fresh eggs

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 10:47:33 AM. Market Fresh: The holidays can present some challenges, but local vendors at the farmers markets have some solutions.
It's mid-November, and the holidays are just around the corner. Those holidays can present some challenges. And Julie Meer of Farm 779 says she has just the solution. "New this week and just in time for the stress of the holidays, we are introducing an additional kombucha tea brewed exclusively with Farm 779 peony essence and farm-sourced chaga tea," Meer says. The tea has a "Fabulous light floral flavor with the sought-after properties of Alaskan wild chaga mushroom." Meer will have the new kombucha at the Thankful Thursdays market inside the Mall at Sears. Farm 779 also will have a new balm featuring those same peonies. "Our sustainable peony farm and apiary produce some of the most sought-after blooms and roots," Meer says. "Grown without chemicals using nature's best practice principles." Other items from the Farm 779 booth this week include a variety of fermented foods, including Jules Jubliee, a variety of krauts, three coconut kefirs, kefir-reduction dipping sauces, beet kvass, cookies, snacks and body products. Duane Clark will also be at Thankful Thursdays with carrots, salsa, jams, potatoes, honey and grass-fed beef and yak. Meer says Farm 779 will also be at the Williwaw Public Market—1st Edition from 1-5 p.m. Saturday. About 20 local artists, crafters and others will be at the market too. Look for the market at 601 F St. Center Market Alex Davis says he is well stocked on pork products for this week's Center Market inside the Mall at Sears. The market is open...Read more
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