Gries, Liles, Donley, Rygh garner state slalom titles

Tuesday, 27 June 2017, 12:44:38 PM. The U12 and U14 state championships concluded over the weekend at Alyeska Resort.

Enduring snow, rain and slush, Alyeska Ski Club racers swept the slalom titles over the weekend at the at the U12 and U14 state championships at Alyeska Resort.

Alyssa Gries, Ava Liles, Finnigan Donley, and Noah Rygh each nabbed a championship Sunday.

In the U12 girls division, Gries edged Ava Schweiger by .13 seconds to capture the title.

Liles finished first in the U14 girls division .21 seconds ahead of second-place Sophie Neuberger.

Donley enjoyed the largest victory with a nearly 15-second victory in U12 boys and Rygh won the U14 boys title by more than two seconds.

Athletes from Hillberg Youth Ski Team, Hilltop Alpine Race Team, and Juneau Ski Club also grabbed top-five finishes.

Sunday's slaloms concluded four days of racing at Alyeska.

Top 5 per age class


U12 — 1) Gries, Alyssa, Alyeska Ski Club (ASC), 1:33.69; 2) Schweiger, Ava, ASC, 1:33.82; 3) Pederson, Isabella, Hillberg Youth Ski Team (HYST), 1:46.05; 4) Boshell, Lili, Hilltop Alpine Race Team (HART), 1:48.04; 5) Langland, Annika, ASC,1:59.09.

U14 — 1) Liles, Ava, ASC, 1:29.29; 2) Neuberger, Sophie, ASC, 1:29.50; 3) Goldstein, Ella, Juneau Ski Club (JSC), 1:36.70; 4) Hargis, Alyssa, HYST, 1:37.11; 5) Wilson, Sydney, ASC, 1:40.90.


U12 — 1) Donley, Finnigan, ASC, 1:28.82; 2) Folds, Charlie, ASC, 1:43.42; 3 7) Elsberg, Aven, ASC, 1:45.10; 4) von Wichman, George, ASC, 1:45.96; 5) Carl, Maxwell, (HYST), 1:46.14.

U14 — 1) Rygh, Noah, ASC, 1:28.32; 2) Quigley, Nolan, ASC, 1:30.43; 3) Gries, Connor, ASC, 1:31.65; 4) Carl, Alex S, HYST,1:32.05; 5) Abts, Tyler, ASC, 1:32.11.

gries-liles-donley-rygh-garner-state-slalom-titles photo 1 Joe Stahla, a first-year U14 skier for Alyeska Ski Club, blocks a gate en route to the third-fastest time on the second course Sunday at Alyeska. Fourteenth after the first run, his fast second run moved him into sixth behind five second-year U14 competitors. (Photo by Bob Eastaugh)

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