Here's how advertisers have responded to Hannity's coverage of the Roy Moore allegations

Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 10:50:29 PM. Here's a list of all the brands that have responded to Hannity's coverage of the Roy Moore allegations.
Roy Moore.REUTERS/Marvin Gentry Some advertisers are removing their ads from Sean Hannity's Fox News show in response to his coverage of the sexual-misconduct allegations against Roy Moore, the Republican US Senate candidate in Alabama. The list of advertisers includes Keurig, Cadillac, AARP, and Nature's Bounty, among others. The Fox News host Sean Hannity is facing heat after several brands pulled their ads from his show. A wave of advertisers announced they would pull spots from "Hannity" following the host's interview on Friday with Roy Moore in which they discussed allegations that Moore engaged in sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old and pursued relationships with other teenagers when he was in his 30s. Some media observers have noted that Hannity directly asked about the allegations. But critics say Hannity went too easy on Moore — whom he supported in the Alabama Senate primary — saying he appeared to agree with a characterization of some of the conduct as "consensual." Amid the left-wing media watchdog Media Matters urging sponsors to pull ads, Keurig,, Eloquii, 23andMe, Nature's Bounty, and E-Trade all announced over the weekend that they had no plans to advertise on Hannity's Fox News show. More recently, brands such as Mercedes-Benz have jumped on the bandwagon, even as others such as MyPillow remain unfazed. Brands distancing themselves from politically or otherwise sensitive issues is nothing new. Several big-name advertisers were conspicuously...Read more
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