How a gorgeous Chinese engineer pissed off Silicon Valley

Wednesday, 08 November 2017, 02:28:34 AM. Naomi Wu is a beautiful Chinese engineer who technically made herself into a cyborg. Some American tech bros can't believe she's real, and they've been harassing her online.
Share Culture Makers Movement Silicon Valley Sexism China Consumer Technology Girls and Women Naomi Wu is a beautiful, self-designed "cyborg" living in a cyber-punk city across the world. Her 360 vlogs of makerspaces, labs and 3-D printing studios rack up millions of views, and tens of thousands of people follow her on social media where she shares updates on her DIY projects. Wu is a tech designer who creates experimental (and attractive!) products for women—including LED-lit skirts, 3D printed cases for tampons, and bikini tops—while also building hardware and piloting drones. But because she turned her engineering focus inward, electing to have plastic surgery and change her body's structure, many men in Silicon Valley are convinced she's not really a human. Maker CEO Dale Dougherty has harassed Wu online for weeks, alleging that she's only a model who serves as the face of engineering projects completed by a team of men. An anonymous blogger, meanwhile, wrote a "debunking" post that has since been disproven. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now But here's the thing: Wu is an actual person, as Newsweek confirmed when she agreed to be interviewed. And she says she's feeling the financial effects of the tech-bro smears. "Everyone says it has a real MRA/Red Pill feel to it," Wu says. Men's rights activists, or MRAs, have co-opted the term "red pill" from the Matrix series (a trilogy of films created by the progressive, transgender siblings the...Read more
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