How Do Women Concern Fishing And Hunting

Monday, 25 December 2017, 08:15:46 PM. Historically, fishing and hunting is a purely male occupation, where were manifested the highest qualities of the breadwinner.

 while the woman was assigned more peaceful occupations in the arrangement of family life. In the modern industrial world, fishing and hunting are no longer the necessity for survival, instead they remain a source of positive emotions!

Fishing is not an occupation, it is a state of the soul of a real man. This is a hobby that requires little financial investment, but long years of constant study from the best teacher - the Mother Nature.

Men love fishing because it's a simple and interesting activity. Because fishing is an open club of enthusiastic, clever and resourceful people, where everyone can choose the right way for fishing, favorite place and fish.

Some people consider fishing a certain sport, which does not require special parameters and requirements, except patience and perseverance. In addition, every man should have his hobby. After all, many women can do shopping, visit beauty salons, knit, sew, etc. While men are fishing, sitting on the bank of the river, they can safely plunge into reasoning, take a rest from everyday vanity and breathe clean air.

Interestingly, many men get pleasure from fishing even without a big catch. It’s a simple opportunity to get to a quiet and peaceful place, where there's almost no one around, where you don’t need to talk to anyone, where no one comes to you with their problems, where you can forget about work for a few hours at least.

Speaking of hunting - for men it’s primarily the recreation, entertainment and communication with nature. Eventually, after a hard week of work and fuss, sometimes you want to have fun or take a walk. It’s always a huge wave of different emotions. Here, a man experiences interest, pride and vanity. Anciently - yes, people hunted mammoths, etc, because they needed to survive. Now - it's just a rest.

Unfortunately, most women can not assess and share such hobbies of their chosen ones. Men and women have a completely differently look at hunting and fishing. While for the stronger sex it is a rest, the weaker sex consider such holiday a real hard labor.

They work so hard, do household chores, and get so tired of all this, that the minimum of energy and strength remains for communication with their family. Women really want to spend more time with their beloved husband - to relax, travel, or stroll. But husband is going to go fishing! Then the stereotype works: he wants to wiggle out of the communication and family affairs, and to ball out with friends. So sometimes it can cause family quarrels.

Fishing is rapidly gaining popularity and has already rushed into the list of occupation for family leisure. But 9 out of 10 girls are skeptical about this kind of recreation. Typical reasons that cause women to abandon the offer to go fishing are: “It's a tedious job - to sit and look at the float. It will be uncomfortable - hot or cold, and maybe even wet. I don’t know how to fish, so I will not catch anything.”

But in our time more and more women are armed with gear, trying on fishing boots and stocking repellents. Women in fishing and hunting today are not a wonder. Click here to meet and communicate with such women.

Such ladies, unlike men, rarely feel down, if they catch a little fish. Fishing for them is an opportunity to enjoy the very process of sitting with a fishing rod, sunbathing in a beautiful swimsuit and enjoy the tranquility, silence and pristine nature.

Like all other people, women have their own characters, which can be similar to each other, but still unique. One will sit in a boat and be bored looking at the immovable float of the fishing rod, considering it a waste of time, the other in the same situation will happily view lilies and nenuphars, admire the landscapes, and eventually ask for a fishing rod.

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