How Donald Trump is destroying America in three easy steps, according to John Oliver

Monday, 13 November 2017, 09:03:21 PM. “Trump may be the first-ever troll to be elected president.”
Share Culture John Oliver Last Week Tonight HBO Donald Trump John Oliver ended the fourth season of his Emmy Award–winning talk show Last Week Tonight on Sunday by devoting the entire episode to President Donald Trump. Or, to be more precise, analyzing Trump’s first year in the White House. Oliver opened the show by declaring that Trump’s tweet Saturday about Kim Jong Un—in which he sarcastically mocked the North Korean leader—“the stupidest possible reason for all of us to die,” referring to potential nuclear war between the U.S. and North Korea. But this was just the latest example of how Trump’s comments have veered dangerously close to disaster. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now Oliver surmised that the “real damage,” however, comes from the way the president uses three techniques “to insulate himself from criticism and consequence.” These techniques come at the peril of the American people, said Oliver. “If we are not extremely careful, all three could have impacts that far outlast his presidency,” the comedian warned. So what are the three techniques Trump uses? Let’s break them down: Delegitimizing the media Trump’s war on the “fake news” media has only been emboldened since he took office. “He is openly proud of it,” said Oliver, to the point where he tried to take credit for creating the term “fake news.” “He just took credit for inventing the term ‘fake news,’ which, for the record, he did not, meaning what he just said was fake fake-news news.”...Read more
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