How to dress like Kendall Jenner: Inside her insane designer-clad wardrobe

Wednesday, 16 August 2017, 08:52:22 AM. SHE wore a G-string dress to the Met Ball, regularly goes braless, and has a thing for crop tops.

Now, Kendall Jenner has given a rare look at her supermodel-grade wardrobe.

It includes 7-inch Alaia boots (a gift from her brother-in-law Kanye West), Marc Jacobs jeans with a cheeky star on the bum, a vintage Hermes “airport” bag, and a selection of onesies from Kardashian Christmas parties.

The Victoria’s Secret model, 21, has been sporting Australian designers lately, including an off-the-shoulder Zimmermann dress and a plunging Bec + Bridge tie-front blouse.

Showing off the Alaia boots, Jenner said she “had them for about four or five years now”.

“Kanye gave them to me,” Jenner said, in the video published by American Vogue.

how-to-dress-like-kendall-jenner-inside-her-insane-designerclad-wardrobe photo 1

Kendall Jenner, pictured wearing Zimmermann’s painted heart folds dress in New York earlier this month. Picture: Splash NewsSource:Splash News Australia

“They are my favourite shoes.”

She also pointed out a pair of striped Marc Jacobs jeans with a “star on the butt” that she tried to steal from a photo shoot (the designer later sent her a pair).

“I shot in them ... I was obsessed with them, I tried to steal them from set ... and then I got them sent to me,” Jenner told

Kendall Jenner opens up her wardrobe to American Vogue

Also in her closet is a selection of onesies from her family’s Christmas parties.

“Every year for Christmas we get matching pyjamas,” Jenner said.

“We get them on Christmas Eve, the night of our Christmas party, and then on Christmas morning we all wear them together.”

how-to-dress-like-kendall-jenner-inside-her-insane-designerclad-wardrobe photo 2

Kendall Jenner in one of her many crop tops. Picture: SplashSource:Splash News Australia

how-to-dress-like-kendall-jenner-inside-her-insane-designerclad-wardrobe photo 3

She’s often goes sheer on top. Picture: Marc Piasecki/GC ImagesSource:Getty Images

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has two wardrobes, including a fitting room that she described as her “more fun closet”, complete with a pair of orange thigh-high boots from the Vetements x Manolo Blahnik and multiple bum bags (of course, there's a vintage Louis Vuitton one that once belonged to her grandmother).

“I love my thigh-highs,” she said.

how-to-dress-like-kendall-jenner-inside-her-insane-designerclad-wardrobe photo 4

Red hot in Sydney-based designer, Bec + Bridge. Picture: Gotham/GC ImagesSource:Getty Images

Jenner also pulled out the silver dress she wore to her 21st birthday last year, inspired by Paris Hilton.

She said she had showed her stylist a picture of the dress (as worn by Hilton) but the hotel heiress’s face wasn’t actually in the frame, so Jenner didn’t realise it was her/

“Ended up going to my 21st birthday ... Paris Hilton was there, and she goes, ‘oh my god I wore this dress on my 21st birthday,’” Jenner said.

“And I showed her my reference photo and she told me that was actually her.”

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