Iconic Ikea tote bag gets a high-fashion makeover

Saturday, 22 April 2017, 12:37:35 AM. Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has recreated the Swedish chain's bag in upscale leather with an upscale price tag.

In a move that has many people scratching their heads, luxury French fashion house Balenciaga has created a leather tote that looks like an upscale version of the $1 Ikea Frakta shopping bag.

Balenciaga’s version is made from crinkled leather and features the same double short and long handles the Ikea shopper has. The upscale version is finished off with a discreet gold “Balenciaga Paris” stamp, unlike the DIY furniture store’s loud branding along the handles.

Oh, and there’s one other difference: price. Balenciaga’s bag clocks in at US$2,145 for the extra-large version, and $1,765 for the large.

Understandably, social media users have been having a field day with this new fashion product.

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