It's 'fish on' at Ship Creek as the season's first kings arrive

Tuesday, 27 June 2017, 02:48:23 PM. Only a few chinooks have been hooked so far, but the run should pick up in time in time for next month's king salmon derby.
Pauline Williford and Janet Grow sat on camp chairs on the bank of Ship Creek on Wednesday afternoon, their fishing lines in the water and their expectations in check. "There's no fish," Williford said, who had gone more than two hours without a nibble while fishing near the Bridge Restaurant. A few minutes later, the cousins from Wasilla were told otherwise. Jacob Schneider of Willow strolled down the bank and stopped to ask the women if they were having any luck. When he was asked the same question and answered in the affirmative, the women perked up and began to quiz him. What time? 8 o'clock, he said. How big? About 18 pounds, he said. What part of the river? Right over there, he said, pointing toward a sand bar a little upriver near the opposite bank. Williford and Grow were fishing two days after a 17-year-old Bartlett High student landed what is believed to be the first Ship Creek king salmon caught this season. Robert Rozelle shows off the first king salmon caught this year at Ship Creek. He landed the 21.1-pounder on Monday evening. (Photo courtesy Dustin Slinker) Dustin Slinker, owner of The Bait Shack, said as far as he knows, only a handful of kings have been caught so far. But news of the first catch has spread, and at noon Wednesday a couple of dozen anglers were scattered along the shores of Anchorage's downtown fishery. Fishing will be elbow-to-elbow soon enough, said Bob Masher, who was helping Slinker get The Bait Shack ready for another summer of urban...Read more
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