It’s time to turn off Instagram

Wednesday, 23 August 2017, 06:42:49 AM. I’M well aware Instagram is the place to show off the un-real about your life. Sometimes that’s a six pack (that only appears when you contort your body to a certain angle) or a “perfect” travel shot that hides the fact you’ve worked three hours to get that photo.

This week my Insta feed is full of amazing Book Week costumes.

And despite knowing that many of these costumes were bought, or others had the help of an army of Nannas/Yayas/Grandpas helping out, I’m still feeling so very inadequate.

My kids love books. Love them.

Every night I’m reading about everything from the adventures of dragons learning to fly, to a boy who happens to be a spy.

Some books are educational: I’ve had weeks on end learning about volcanoes or dinosaurs.

Others teach my kids about the world (and what delicious foods they can eat if they visit each country).

In anticipation of this years book week dress up on Friday here is a look back at book week costumes past ...Read more

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