James Island's White Duck Taco Shop has closed

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 03:02:32 AM. Duck, duck, vamoose
James Island's White Duck Taco Shop has closed. A reader passed on the information after trying to grab a taco this afternoon and finding a locked door and the sign, "White Duck is now closed for business! Thank you for your support." The restaurant, which is part of the founder Ben Mixson's White Duck franchise, opened in May 2014 with plenty of anticipation from White Duck fans of the franchise's Asheville location. However, its spot on James Island, hidden behind Baguette Magic, immediately caused concern for the new business and its resulting review by then-CP restaurant critic Eric Doksa didn't help either. This sign is currently in the window of White Duck Taco Shop "There's too much going on. The masa-based tortillas serve as a battleground for competing flavors and there's always a clear-cut victor," Doksa wrote. "In some cases, the flavors don't even get into the ring. The beef bulgogi taco suffered from a soggy and flavorless kimchi that lost one too many matches." Mixson has not yet returned a call for comment.  Related White Duck's hefty tacos are a battleground of competing flavors: Fowl Brawl White Duck's hefty tacos are a battleground of competing flavors Fowl Brawl There's a large white duck painted on the side of a pale blue wall on Folly Road, and it has nothing to do with Aflac. It's on an industrial building, one that's big enough to notice even though it's tucked behind a boxing club and a tattoo parlor. It's home to White Duck Taco Shop. By Eric...Read more
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