Jesinta Franklin sacrifices a lot to look this amazing

Monday, 21 August 2017, 10:54:23 AM. SHE makes her living walking catwalks and smiling happily from magazine covers, so it’s a little surprising to hear just how much Jesinta Franklin enjoys punching people.

Forget pilates or a spell on the treadmill, the model prefers Thai kickboxing to help keep her in catwalk shape.

“I love my combat sports,” she told

“I’ve been boxing for a while now, but I’ve just started Muay Thai kickboxing. I love it, because it’s a whole new skill set and something new to learn, and while you’re learning you’re also working on your fitness.”

Jesinta also likes to get into the zone before working out by pumping up some gangsta rap. “I tend to turn into a full blown gangster when it comes to my music for working out. I like to listen to Savage 21, Tiger, Kanye and why G.”

Jesinta’s intense approach to training also goes with her diet. The former Miss Universe Australia winner has turned healthy eating into an art form, banning alcohol, sugar and processed foods for the past three months, and refusing to eat at restaurants — because she can’t be sure what the chefs are putting in the food.

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All those dinners at home clearly paid off. Here’s Jesinta walking the runway for David Jones earlier this month. Picture: Mark Nolan/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

Instead, she cooks at home every night with husband, Sydney Swans’ star Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin.

“Throughout the week, we cook our dinners together every night, because we know exactly what we’re putting into our bodies and we know what’s in it,” she says.

“We’re not running the risk of going to a restaurant and eating things that aren’t going to fuel our bodies and make us feel really good and make us perform at our highest level.

“I’m the head chef, and he’s the sous-chef. But when it comes to carb-loading before a match, our meals are a little bit different.”

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It takes a lot of work to look this good in a bikini.Source:Supplied

Jesinta also encourages people to give soft drinks the kick. “The one thing I will never have is soft drinks. They are not good for you and if people want to be healthy they are the first thing they should remove from their diet.”

The great thing about chatting with Jesinta is that she never talks about crazy diets or unsustainable fitness goals. Instead, she just talks about being healthy.

“To me being healthy is feeling happy and confident. I always feel my healthiest when I’m at my fittest, knowing that you’re eating all the right foods and looking after yourself,” she says.

“Healthy looks different on everyone, and I think that’s a really important message. Being a size eight doesn’t mean your healthy, and being a size 20 doesn’t mean your unhealthy.

“We’re all different, and as long as I feel happy, healthy and fit, then I’m in a good place.”

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