Leonard Pitts Jr.: Trumpism wounded, but not dead

Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 01:34:07 PM. After last week's election, some Democratic euphoria would be understandable. But keep in mind that while Trumpism is still out there.
There’s more where that came from. Or at least, let us fervently hope. The Republican Party was thoroughly rebuked in last week’s election, and no party in modern history has ever deserved rebuking more. Nor has any party leader ever deserved spanking more than Donald Trump, the boy president whose backside voters decisively, if tacitly, paddled. It is not simply that Democrats pummeled Republicans up one coast and down another, winning two governorships and a slew of municipal and state offices. Arguably more impressive was the way they did it -- with a rainbow of candidates who served as an implicit stick in the eye to the GOP’s politics of resentment and exclusion. In Hoboken, voters elected the first Sikh mayor in New Jersey history.Seattle chose its first lesbian mayor, Provo, Utah its first woman, Charlotte its first African-American woman. The new mayor of St. Paul is an African-American man -- a first -- while an openly transgender black woman will join the Minneapolis city council, yet another first. Ditto the election of an Asian-American woman to the Virginia Legislature. And from the department of just deserts: Robert Marshall, a Virginia lawmaker who authored a bill restricting transgender peoples’ use of public restrooms, was defeated by a transgender woman, Danica Roem. In New Jersey, Atlantic County official John Carman, who posted a meme in January asking if the women’s march would be over “in time for them to cook dinner,” lost his job to a woman, Ashley...Read more
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