McDonald's manager arrested for dealing cocaine with burgers and fries

Friday, 06 October 2017, 02:53:39 PM. The night shift manager of a McDonald's in the Bronx has been arrested for serving hard drugs with fast food. According to a press release from the City of New

The night shift manager of a in the has been arrested for serving hard drugs with fast food. from the City of New York, a three-month undercover investigation found Frank Guerrero guilty of selling "Super-Size" amounts of cocaine and crack cocaine from inside the restaurant.

Prior to the arrest, police say the 26-year-old made eight drug sales to an undercover officer in "increasingly larger quantities," which amounted to nearly $10,900. During his last transaction, the suspect allegedly sold 100 grams of blow to an officer for $6,520 from inside the franchise's bathroom. On two other occasions, he allegedly hid cocaine in a cookie sleeve and placed it into a larger McDonalds' takeout bag along with two cheeseburgers, a soda, and fries. Police say Guerrero dealt the narcotics - and the late-night munchies - directly over the store's front counter to the officer.

Guerrero was arrested at his workplace on September 4 at 5 a.m. Authorities later searched his residence, where they found 200 grams of cocaine and approximately $5,300 inside a 2-year-old's dresser. The child's mother, Leidy Cabral Castillo, was placed under arrest for unlawfully dealing with a child, criminally using drug paraphernalia, and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Guerrero was hit with more counts of the same charges and is being held on $750,000 bail.

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