Medina High School students line up for free vehicle safety checks

Saturday, 22 April 2017, 01:29:06 AM. Medina High School and the Medina Police Department teamed up with AAA Ohio Auto Club and automotive technology students from the Medina County Career Center to provide free vehicle maintenance inspections for the high school's students.
MEDINA, Ohio - The young drivers in the line of cars funneling into Medina High School's football stadium parking lot today waited patiently for their turn to have their vehicles inspected. Three lanes of AAA-certified mechanics and seniors from the Medina County Career Center's automotive technologies program put the cars and trucks through their paces to check for safety and maintenance issues. "It's all about safety," one young driver said. "Safety first -- and a little bit about the food." Each driver who brought a vehicle down for inspection also received a free lunch at the Dan's Deli food truck. This is the fifth year that the high school has teamed up with the Medina Police Department and the AAA Ohio Auto Club to offer the free vehicle maintenance inspections to students. During the 15-minute inspections, technicians inspect vehicle belts, hoses, tires, lights, fluids and batteries. They discuss any problems they detect and provide the drivers with maintenance checklists to share with their parents. Mike Wesner, the Police Department's school resource officer at the high school, said more than 150 vehicles were expected this year. "Year after year, the kids hear about it. Every year, we get more that come out. I expect we'll have a fantastic turnout, like we always do," Wesner said. "It's a wonderful event, just to make sure that their vehicles are safe," he said. That's important, since more than 49,100 teenagers were involved in crashes in 2016, according to the...Read more
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