Mother-of-three reveals shock makeover following 66 kilo weight loss

Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 09:19:23 AM. MOTHER-OF-THREE Krischelle Young hated what she saw in the mirror.

At 140kg, Mrs Young reached breaking point. Desperately needing to change her lifestyle, she underwent a gastric sleeve surgery in 2014.

But after losing 66kg following the operation, Mrs Young still felt like “a skinny person trapped in excess skin”.

motherofthree-reveals-shock-makeover-following-66-kilo-weight-loss photo 1

Krischelle said she still felt like a skinny person trapped in a bigger person's body.Source:Channel 9

Speaking to host Karl Stefanovic on Channel 9’s This Time Next Year on Monday night, Mrs Young declared she wanted a “massive mummy makeover” to achieve the body of her dreams.

Mrs Young underwent four surgeries in 12 months: one operation to remove excess skin from her arms, stomach and thighs as well as a breast lift and insertion of “small implants”.

“I’m being the me that I want to be,” Mrs Young said.

“I’ve always been overweight, especially in my adult years. I got to a point where I reached 140 kilos, and I did not feel good about myself.

“At the time I knew I was very overweight, but you never realise how bad you look until you look back and see.”

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Mrs Young looks at a photo of herself when she was 140kg.Source:Channel 9

Mrs Young said she felt “awesome” about weighing 74kg, and was a better role mode for her three children.

“I feel so much lighter and I’m able to do things so much easier,” she said.

“It’s changed my life. I’m now healthy for my children. They will now have a mother who is alive now and not having a heart attack or a stroke.

“I try to keep myself positive and say look how far you’ve come. It’s a good example to the kids to see me active now.”

motherofthree-reveals-shock-makeover-following-66-kilo-weight-loss photo 3

Krischelle Young, left, before her drastic weight loss.Source:Facebook

motherofthree-reveals-shock-makeover-following-66-kilo-weight-loss photo 4

Krischelle Young after the 66kg weight loss.Source:Facebook

Speaking of the skin removal — which would be the final process in her transformation — Mrs Young said this was her year to “do something about it”.

“Sometimes all you can see is that skin,” she said.

motherofthree-reveals-shock-makeover-following-66-kilo-weight-loss photo 5

Krischelle had severe excess skin on her arms, stomach and thighs.Source:Channel 9

Paying a visit to Silkwood Medical, Plastic Surgeon Dr Amira Sanki said Mrs Young was having almost “every part of her body” operated on.

“That’s the most anyone can endure in one year,” she said.

“The first operation will be a lower body lift. The goal of this operation is to flatten her tummy. It’s a really big operation ... all of the stitching takes a really long time. To have so many kilos of skin removed from her body is going to make a huge difference to the way she feels and looks.”

motherofthree-reveals-shock-makeover-following-66-kilo-weight-loss photo 6

Krischelle Young had surgery on her thighs to remove excess skin.Source:Channel 9

Following the surgery, Mrs Young reappeared on the set of the television program, revealing her new body in front of a shocked audience.

“I feel fantastic ... I feel so great,” she said.

“It’s been a really tough year ... while I knew what that entailed, it’s a long recovery. It’s been a hard one but I’ve been very lucky I’ve had great family support.

motherofthree-reveals-shock-makeover-following-66-kilo-weight-loss photo 7

Krischelle's stunning transformation following her surgery.Source:Channel 9

“I’m feeling really good about myself. And when you feel good, it’s a positive thing for the kids to see.

“I see a hot mummy, I see someone I’ve been wishing to be.”

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