New DNA evidence holds key to Sue Neill-Fraser murder case

Sunday, 16 July 2017, 10:58:55 PM. SUE Neill-Fraser has served eight years of a 23-year sentence for killing her scientist lover on their luxury yacht despite there being no body, no witnesses and no murder weapon.
The Tasmanian grandmother is at the centre of one of Australia’s most perplexing murder cases. She was convicted of killing her partner of 18 years, Bob Chappell, on Australia Day 2009. In the absence of hard proof, an abundance of circumstantial evidence was used to prove she attacked Chappell by winching his body on to a tender and dumping it at sea. RELATED: Convicted murderer Sue Neill-Fraser a mystery still However,Seven’s Sunday Night reports DNA evidence has been found on the Four Winds vessel that puts another woman on board. Convicted murderer Sue Neill-Fraser has an appeal coming up. Picture: Richard JupeSource:News Corp Australia A small, dark stain on the deck that became known as “sample 20” belonged to a homeless 15-year-old girl called Meaghan Vass. During the trial, Vass claimed to have never been on a yacht before in her life and prosecutors successfully argued her DNA could have been inadvertently carried onto the yacht on the shoes of police. The jury was told the incident was a red herring and that Sue Neill-Fraser was the only other person on board the yacht. RELATED: New twist in society heiress Susan Neill-Fraser’s murder case However, leading DNA expert Peter Gunn said he doubted the DNA was on the yacht by accident. “Based on what I’ve seen, I’d say that it’s more likely she was on the yacht,” he told Sunday Night. Sue-Neill-Fraser's daughter Sarah Bowles continues to defend her mum. Picture: SuppliedSource:News Corp Australia “I think the girl on...Read more
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