One of the two NCAA schools among favorites to land Zion Williamson might surprise you

Saturday, 23 September 2017, 08:37:15 AM. Zion Williamson, the nation’s No. 2 college recruit, will take an official visit to Kentucky this weekend, and one of the two NCAA schools favored to end his college recruitment may surprise

one-of-the-two-ncaa-schools-among-favorites-to-land-zion-williamson-might-surprise-you photo 1 Spartanburg Day School's Zion Williamson is known for his ferocious dunks. He’ll visit Kentucky this weekend C. Rush

Spartanburg Day boys basketball star Zion Williamson has been on the cover of magazines, and has had rapper Drake taking photos while wearing his jersey. He’s got college basketball offers from almost all of the big name powers you can name.

So it probably shouldn’t surprise you that Kentucky is one of the two favorites to land the 6-foot-7, 250-pound senior small forward. The other school, though, just might.

247Sports analyst Andrew Slater, a well-respected recruiting analyst, thinks that Clemson has a real shot to land the nation’s consensus No. 2 pick.

LINK: How growth spurt turned Zion Williamson into a star, drew Coach K, Coach Cal to Spartanburg

“I think [Kentucky is] neck-and-neck with Clemson," Slater told SEC Country, a website devoted to coverage of Kentucky and other SEC schools. "I know it sounds crazy, but the reality is that Clemson is in a desperate position to land someone of Zion’s stature. It could frankly save Brad Brownell’s job. (Williamson’s) mother doesn’t want him to go away to school and they’ve done a very good job of recruiting him."

Williamson recently took visits to in-state South Carolina and Clemson, and his stepfather, Lee Anderson, played at Clemson. His stepfather also coached Williamson’s adidas-based summer travel team, South Carolina Supreme.

Williamson is expected to take an official visit to Kentucky this weekend, where he will be joined by new Wildcats recruit Immanuel Quickley, a 5-star point guard who committed Friday. Williamson, who has talked openly of teaming up with Quickley in college, also has officials scheduled over the five weeks with Kansas, Duke and UCLA.

Ahead of his Kentucky visit, the Lexington Herald-Ledger, a sister paper of the Observer, asked five recruiting analysts to handicap the race to land Williamson.

The results: 5. South Carolina; 4. Duke; 3. Kansas; 2. Clemson; 1. Kentucky.

Bottom line? Clemson has got a real chance.

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