Only a scientist would notice this ‘unforgivable’ flaw in ‘Stranger Things’

Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 11:28:52 PM. A curator at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has pointed out a science flaw in ‘Stranger Things 2.’

“Stranger Things,” the hit Netflix series from Durham natives Matt and Ross Duffer, is widely known for how it plays on ‘80s nostalgia.

But a curator at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences isn’t letting one time-based inaccuracy slip past viewers.

In season two, the character Dustin takes in a pet he names D’Artagnan — Dart for short — after discovering the tadpole-like creature thrashing about in his trash can on Halloween.

Curious to find out more about Dart, Dustin looks through an encyclopedia, and determines he’s the species Indirana semipalmata — a frog whose tadpoles live outside of water.

But there’s one problem: The Indirana genus of frogs hadn’t yet been classified.

“Stranger Things 2 is supposed to take place in 1984, but it discusses a frog genus (Indirana) that wasn’t named until 1986,” curator Christian Kammerer said in a tweet, joking that it was an “unforgivable” goof.

The particular species of frog is located in the southern Western Ghats of India, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Their tadpoles develop outside of water, typically on wet rocks next to streams.

Frog genera aren’t the only inaccuracy viewers have noticed in “Stranger Things.” (It takes a cursory awareness to spot them.)

For example, in season one, the character Barb drives a car that couldn’t have existed in 1983, when the show was set. The car wasn’t created until 1988, the Telegraph pointed out.

People also noticed characters in season two called Kentucky Fried Chicken “KFC,” a name the food chain didn’t adopt until the early ‘90s.

Twitter users had fun with Kammerer’s tweet, responding with jokes or inaccuracies they noticed.

“Things only a scientist would know for $1000 Alex.....,” one user replied.

“Don’t get me started on the DigDug high score being listed as ‘MAD MAX’. Everyone knows you only got 3 spaces to list your initials,” another Twitter user joked.

LaVendrick Smith; @LaVendrickS

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