Palestinians slam US Israel envoy's 'ignorance'

Friday, 29 September 2017, 06:02:42 PM. Palestinian officials criticise David Friedman who said Israel is occupying only two percent of the West Bank.

The US ambassador in Tel Aviv has angered Palestinians with a comment downplaying Israel's 50-year occupation of the West Bank, the second such spat in a month.

In a video interview with Israeli news site Walla broadcast in full on Friday, ambassador David Friedman said the Jewish state is "only occupying two percent of the West Bank".

The statement brought an angry response from Palestine Liberation Organization Secretary-General Saeb Erekat.

"Israel is internationally recognised as the occupying power over 100 percent of Palestine, including in and around occupied east Jerusalem," Erekat said.

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He said Friedman's latest comment was "not only false and misleading but contradicts international law, United Nations resolutions, and also the historical US position".

"It is not the first time that Mr David Friedman has exploited his position as US ambassador to advocate and validate the Israeli government's policies of occupation and annexation," Erekat added.

Prior to becoming ambassador, Friedman was the president of American Friends of Bet El Institutions, an organisation that supports the settlement of the same name that is built on Ramallah lands.

Early in September, Friedman caused a stir when in an interview with the Jerusalem Post he referred to the "alleged occupation".

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