Pompeii: The Exhibition at Arizona Science Center features over 200 artifacts, opens Nov. 18

Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 08:43:40 PM. The exhibition features 200 artifacts from the ancient city, as well as a 4D recreation of the explosion and body casts of some of the victims.
One of the most significant exhibitions ever to come to the Arizona Science Center is opening Nov. 18.  "Pompeii: The Exhibition" is a blockbuster show running through May 28, bringing to life the ill-fated Italian city that was devastated in 79 A.D. by the explosion of Mount Vesuvius. When excavators began unearthing the city in 1748, they discovered that Pompeii was surprisingly well-preserved. This exhibition will feature more than 200 artifacts on loan mostly from the Naples National Archaeological Museum, including marble and bronze sculptures, frescoes, jewelry and mosaics, as well as body casts of victims from the explosion. Visitors will also get to experience a recreation of the disaster in the 4D theater.  "We've been working on trying to bring it to Phoenix for a couple years, and were finally able to secure it," said Chevy Humphrey, president and CEO of the Arizona Science Center. "The historical significance as one of the most notable natural disasters will have people in awe. It's relevant for all ages and interests."  "Pompeii: The Exhibition" will take visitors into the lives of Pompeii before and after the volcanic eruption. (Photo: Stuart A Watson Photography) The exhibition premiered in 2013 in Philadelphia, and is a collaboration among Exhibitions International, the Pompeii historical site and Naples National Archaeological Museum. The 10,000-square foot exhibit offers guests a glimpse into the city before, during and after the disaster, and goes beyond...Read more
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