Ray of hope? Alex Cobb could be key to filling Cubs' pitching needs

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 01:05:03 PM. Will free agent Alex Cobb reunite with pitching coach Jim Hickey and become part of the Cubs' next rotation core?
ORLANDO, Fla. — The way the Cubs look at filling their pitching needs this winter, the bullpen gaps — including the closer — are the least of their worries. That’s why much of their effort and resources are being earmarked for their pursuit of at least two starting pitchers, at least one of whom they can project as a middle-of-the-rotation-or-better piece in the wake of Jake Arrieta and John Lackey entering free agency. The key might be former Rays right-hander Alex Cobb, who looks like the top free-agent fit for the Cubs and who seems to agree, considering recent comments he made about the team during an MLB Network Radio interview. Those close to Cobb say clubhouse chemistry and personal fit, along with the chance to win, are his priorities as he sorts through an early list of suitors numbering close to 10 teams. Alex Cobb The Cubs already have his first big-league manager in place and just hired the only big-league pitching coach he has known. Plus, sources say the Cubs have had multiple preliminary conversations with Cobb’s agent, none of them involving any kind of contract parameters. RELATED STORIES GM Hoyer: Criticism of Joe Maddon ‘nature of being manager in Chicago’ Theo: Fans ‘absolutely should expect’ another division title in 2018 ‘‘I don’t hide the fact that I have the most respect for [Cubs manager] Joe Maddon and what he did for me coming up as a player — not so much as a pitcher on the mound, but as a professional athlete and professional baseball player,’’...Read more
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