Readers write: Letters to the editor, December 3, 2017

Sunday, 03 December 2017, 11:41:32 AM. Thanks to you, the conversation keeps going.

News happens 7 days a week

I find it fascinating that nothing ever happens on Fridays that is newsworthy enough to be reported the next day.

Get real and bring back the Saturday paper.

— Ron Placko

We need to change our behavior, not run wildlife out of town

Before our fair Alaska city decides to make all bears fair game and becomes a free-fire zone, as proposed by Jim Lieb in a recent letter, we should make some common-sense changes to the way we behave. After all, the presence of wildlife is one of major things that sets Anchorage apart from any run-of-the mill moderate-size city in the Lower 48.

Hey, if you don't like bull moose wandering down the center of Lake Otis Boulevard during rush hour or along the paths of the local parks; if the presence of bears raiding your unsecured trash or flimsy chicken coop scares you; if you are afraid a bear will eat your kid as they blindly run or bike a brushy hillside trail at dusk with their minds lost in their tunes, maybe you should consider a few changes to your behavior. Do I really need to detail these changes here? Wake up!

Alaska is real even within the city of Anchorage boundaries. Yes you can be mauled, gored, trampled or even slip on an icy sidewalk and fracture your skull. Yes, that is Anchorage, Alaska and some of us like it that way. If you are really concerned about safety, focus on the wacko driving behavior I witness almost every time I visit the fair city. Does a solid red light really mean "Hurry Up?" Are pedestrians really fair game? Is ditch-diving a sport? Yes there are a lot of ways to improve safety that don't involve wacking the top predators in our midst. If none of this satisfies you maybe you should consider relocating to some friendly, predator-free Lower 48 city such as Reno, Nevada. Similar state tax structure, similar stores and layout at the foot of the mountains and aside from a few coyotes and an occasional plague-infested ground squirrel, no threats from predators. Out here in Copper Center I give my garage door a few solid whacks in the morning before I throw it open. A big black bear taught me that.

— Mike McQueen
Copper Center

Murkowski vote on tax bill not surprising, but is disappointing

Lisa Murkowski is voting for this horrible tax bill! But I should not be surprised. Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil, of course, is the reason. No way she could not vote for opening ANWR, too many benefactors would object.

I could write pages about why this area should not be opened to oil extraction, but will say as a parting shot:

Lisa, how could you put so many Alaskans in harm's way with the health care provisions in this bill?

How could you clobber our kids and grand kids with a $1,500,000,000,000 debt? (Proofreader, that's 11 zeros!)

How could you do this to your constituents?

— L.L. Raymond

Republican tax bill punishes students in higher education

The proposed GOP tax bill takes a brazen approach to a very real problem: student loan debt. Specifically, graduate and doctoral students could no longer write off student loan interest when filing taxes. Access to higher education is a driving factor in many fields: medicine, biology, engineering, business, etc. For students often working at their universities doing research, clinicals, etc., in exchange for a stipend that has to cover tuition as well as living, this would be decimating.

My name is Lauren Jerew and I reside in Homer, Alaska. I am a small-business owner and graduate student myself, and I genuinely understand concern about the growing student debt in this country. However, we need to teach high school students budget management, responsible borrowing, and strive to at least plateau the ever-increasing cost of higher education — not punish those seeking to advance research, medicine, economics, etc. Prospective students will be tempted to look outside of the United States for their education, and these students are not resources the U.S. can afford to lose.

I express my disappointment in both
Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan in supporting this short-sighted, damaging bill.

— Lauren Jerew

Tax measure should stand on its own merits, without ANWR bribe

Although opening ANWR may benefit Alaska, it has no business being in the current tax bill. While this practice is not uncommon, it's time to go. Our representatives should vote on the bill's merits; not have their vote determined by extortion. Ditto repeal of the Johnson amendment. It's essentially political blackmail, bribery that would not be tolerated in the private sector.

— Steve Tucker

Count on Jenkins to relentlessly attack the left in every column

One should admire Paul Jenkins' weekly essays. His mission, aim, responsibility is to espouse an opinion that matches his constituency and he does so reliably with formulaic abandon. Simply cast the evil so-called "left" as being foolish and all is right with the world.

— Ken Flynn

Thanks to the person who made sure missing cane was found

I had an appointment Thursday at the Providence facility on Piper Street. As I was getting out of the car on our return home I realized my cane was missing. It evidently had fallen out when I got into the car in the parking garage. Really thought it was gone forever but we took a chance and drove back to where we were parked. My cane was there waiting for me! I'm hoping the person who found it and stood it up by the elevator will see this letter. Your kind gesture has restored my faith in mankind.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Thanks so very much.

— D Miller

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