Review: 'The Force' by Don Winslow

Tuesday, 13 June 2017, 12:37:33 PM. From the author of ‘The Cartel,’ a riveting novel about a corrupt New York cop
“The Force” is about Dennis Malone, a powerful New York City police detective. He’s arrogant, contemptuous, corrupt, smart and violent. He steals a lotta cash and heroin from a drug bust. Things get complicated. Malone gets tossed in the slammer. But he’s got the glossies on the rest of Gotham’s power players, and he’s not going down easy. He’ll fight to the end to protect his family and his brother cops. “The Force,” by Don Winslow (William Morrow) If this sounds like a good pitch for a summer blockbuster, that’s because it is. The latest from Don Winslow (“The Cartel,” “The Power of the Dog” ) is a big, fat book of fast-moving fiction. It sold to Hollywood for seven figures last year, before it even had a title. James Mangold, who directed “Logan,” is already attached. You’ll see the book in every airport you go through this summer. Here Winslow turns his ruthless gaze from drug cartels — the subject of his past two books — to law enforcement in New York. In interviews, he has referred to his past as a private investigator in the cityand how much time he spent with cops reporting this one; he has said that he’s been wanting to write this book all his life. The result is riveting and scary — in a lot of ways. Malone is like a lot of New York cops you’ve read about. He’s the son of a cop, Irish American, grew up in Staten Island, wears black all the time, has a massive chip on the shoulder. His brother was a firefighter who died on 9/11. In 18 years with the NYPD, Malone...Read more
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