River Oaks couple opens their secret garden to Houston Symphony patrons

Wednesday, 08 November 2017, 07:30:33 PM. Rini and Edward Ziegler host the 'Ultimate Garden Party' to welcome new symphony conductor
Martha Stewart has nothing on Rini Ziegler. Rini, who co-hosted the Houston Symphony's "Ultimate Garden Party" alongside husband Edward Ziegler, unleashed designer Mackenzie Child's whimsical checkered prints and three secret weapons: J&D Entertainment, Jackson & Company, and Richard Flowers. The result? One of the most photogenic gatherings in recent memory. A butterfly performer on stilts welcomed the intimate group of luncheon-goers into the Ziegler's River Oaks home. Inside, the monarch-motif carried throughout the entire house, from a cascading chandelier in the solarium to oversized wings poised on backyard topiaries, and glittering painted ladies atop rainbow centerpieces. Autumn be damned; lush spring flowers bloomed in every corner. Fittingly, half of the tony attendees sported floral millinery or fascinators for the occasion. Shelby Hodge, PaperCity's society and lifestyle editor, commended Rini's "party-planning prowess" before getting down to the business, a.k.a. interviewing the symphony's new principal POPS conductor Steven Reineke. Her follow-up move was to rattle off the guest of honor's impressive resume. "The first question is, where do you get all of your energy from?" she asked. Reineke happily shared his secret. "I'm all about entertainment, and call them shows instead of concerts. It's a little bit of a different philosophy. I like the feel to be very informal, and break down all the barriers, like you're sitting in someone's living room."...Read more
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