Rolling Meadows man accused of attacking 3 women in their homes after waiting for men to leave

Friday, 01 December 2017, 09:46:37 AM. A suburban man is accused of attacking three women in their homes after their husband or boyfriend had left. He is being held without bail.

A man accused in three separate attacks on women in their homes at the suburban complex where he also lived was ordered Thursday to be held without bail.

Miguel A. Gonzalez-Cruz, of Rolling Meadows, is charged with home invasion and burglary in addition to aggravated criminal sexual assault and attempted aggravated criminal sexual assault, prosecutors said.

In setting the no-bail order, Judge Jill Cerone-Marisie said she considered the violence of the attacks and the strength of the evidence against the 35-year-old Gonzalez-Cruz, including DNA evidence. She also noted that Gonzalez-Cruz said he was a legal resident of the U.S. but not a citizen.

“I consider him a danger to public safety,” Cerone-Marisie said.

Prosecutors said the attacks occurred in December of last year and January and June of this year at the multifamily housing complex where the defendant also lived.

In each case, Gonzalez-Cruz attacked the women after their husband or boyfriend had left the residence, Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Gates said. He wore clothing or a mask that partially obscured his face during the attacks, she said.

In one alleged incident, on Dec. 28, 2016, Gonzalez-Cruz knocked on a woman’s door, asked for someone named Jesus and left, Gates said. Later, Gates said, he entered the same woman’s bedroom through an unlocked window while she was sleeping, placed one hand over her mouth and another over her eyes and attacked her, Gates said.

The woman began screaming and Gonzalez-Cruz fled, Gates said. The incident occurred in the 4800 block of Weber Drive, authorities said.

Several weeks later, Gonzalez-Cruz went to another nearby residence, knocked on the entrance and forced his way in when a woman answered, Gates said. He was armed with a knife, demanded money, then pushed the woman onto her bed and forced her into sex acts, Gates said.

In June, Gonzalez-Cruz went to another apartment and asked the woman to let him in because “immigration was after him,” Gates said. The woman let him in and Gonzalez-Cruz used a knife to force her to commit sex acts, Gates said.

In the last two cases, both women went to the hospital and were treated for sexual assault, Gates said. Gonzalez-Cruz was arrested this week after one of the women saw him in a local store and called police, Gates said.

She said more charges could be forthcoming.

George Houde is a freelance reporter.

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