Schoolgirls hide as mob broadcasts attack

Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 04:42:30 PM. TWO petrified students barricaded themselves in a school bathroom and called police as a mob threatened them today.

Concerned parents at Killester College, Springvale said the disturbing incident was broadcast on social media.

Parents told the Greater Dandenong Leader that staff at the school had to disperse about 50 Catholic schoolgirls before the frightened students could leave the toilets.

It’s believed the incident stemmed from comments made on social media last night.

The Leader was told the attack was planned through social media last night as girls used Facebook to assemble a mob.

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Killester College principal Leanne Di Stefano would not give her account of the facts.Source:News Limited

The attack was filmed on Facebook Live by one student — quickly reaching more than 1000 views before it was deleted, one furious parent said.

A teacher from another school and shocked parents quickly contacted Killester staff.

Killester College principal Leanne Di Stefano described the incident as “teenage girls name calling and a whole lot of other girls watching”.

Ms Di Stefano would not give the Leader her account of the facts.

Four students have been suspended and the entire Year 12 was called to an assembly at 11am today where staff expressed their shock and disappointment..

One parent said she believed several children were taken home from school in the middle of the day by concerned parents.

Killester College student development co-ordinator Luana Doko said the school worked on a principal of “restorative practices”, meaning all parties would be brought together to re-establish a relationship so everyone could feel safe at school.

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