Sen. Cory Gardner faces key test with Arctic Refuge drilling vote

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 12:12:59 AM. We hope you will continue to lead on outdoor recreation by voting ‘no’ this week on inserting Arctic Refuge drilling into the 2018 budget.
In April, Sen. Cory Gardner accepted an award from the Outdoor Industry Association, recognizing his leadership in Congress on behalf of outdoor recreation. Seven months later, his status as a leader is in question. On Wednesday, Gardner faces a make-or-break test as a senator: will he allow Congress to approve the most consequential federal lands giveaway of the 21st century? I’m referring to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, perhaps the most beautiful and unspoiled area left on Earth. For the past sixty years, the Arctic Refuge has been protected by a bipartisan coalition of leaders who understood that it is meant to be cherished and preserved, not turned over to destructive oil and gas production. Now, the Arctic Refuge faces its most serious threat since Republican President Dwight Eisenhower first set it aside for protection in 1960. A powerful consortium of special interests has nearly succeeded in placing Arctic Refuge drilling into the Senate’s unrelated 2018 budget resolution. When given an earlier chance to block this rider from the budget, Gardner voted in favor of drilling. Now, Gardner and the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources face a final vote Wednesday on whether to drill in the Arctic Refuge. My company and I have had a long relationship with Colorado. In 1978, I co-founded the action sports retailer Zumiez, which now operates nearly 700 stores worldwide, with 19 in Colorado. Access to public lands has been critical to growing my business,...Read more
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