Seven aims for ratings hit with Killer Cop

Sunday, 16 July 2017, 11:00:17 PM. IT WAS the story which gripped Australia and now Channel 7 are banking on the Roger Rogerson telemovie to be a ratings hit, with the highly anticipated TV special expected to air next month.

Extended promos for Blue Murder: Killer Cop are now airing which show Richard Roxbrough reviving the character of Rogerson for the new show.

While an air date is yet to be released, Confidential’s sources have revealed the Seven Network are keen to put the show out in the near future.

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Blue Murder: Killer Cop stars Richard Roxburgh as Roger Rogerson. Picture: Supplied / Seven.Source:Supplied

The network has invested heavily in the program, and Seven has a great reputation for producing biopics, so executives believe the updated story on Rogerson will be a big winner in the ratings.

“This is undoubtedly going to pull a huge audience, there is a hunger for the story, particularly in New South Wales,” the TV insider said.

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Roxburgh and Seven are banking on the Rogerson crime show. Picture: Supplied / Seven.Source:Supplied

“Channel 9 have been on a great wicket with Ninja Warrior, so Channel 7 are keen to get this show out soon.”

2017 has been one of the tightest in the ratings between Seven and Nine and they are both working overtime to be on top.

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Roxburgh as the infamous detective turned crim. Picture: Channel 7.Source:Channel 7

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Roxburgh and Toni Colette on set in Padstow Heights.Source:News Corp Australia

Rogerson’s 2016 conviction on murder and commercial drug supply charges provided a stunning twist to this infamous crime tale, which finally brought down the former NSW detective after the 75-year-old and his accomplice, Glenn McNamara, 57, were found guilty of the murder of Jamie Gao during a drug deal gone wrong.

After the duo’s arrest, producers of the first Blue Murder series immediately got to work on a sequel, which now looks to be fast-tracked to air by Channel 7 and co-stars Toni Collette, Love Child’s Andy Ryan and Hyde and Seek star, Matt Nable.

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