Shake up at prep basketball academies Hillcrest, Bella Vista

Friday, 23 June 2017, 04:12:14 AM. Kyle Weaver, fired from Hillcrest Prep, will lead Bella Vista, a new prep academy that was vacated with Aspire leaving after one year
Once again, a shakeup is going on among prep basketball academies in the Valley. One team has left the state, another is starting up, and the coach of McDonald's All-American DeAndre Ayton was terminated. Kyle Weaver, who was the head coach at Nike-sponsored Phoenix Hillcrest Prep's national high school team that went 33-6 and finished ranked eighth in the country by MaxPreps, was let go, according to his brother Nick, who is co-founder and recruiting coordinator of Hillcrest. Kyle Weaver was the head coach for the first two years of the national high school basketball program. Nick said that his brother is being replaced by Howard Thomas Jr., who has an extensive AAU resume from back East. "There are many reasons that we do not wish to discuss," Nick Weaver said in a text message about his brother. "But he was terminated officially." Kyle Weaver will lead the new Bella Vista College Prep men's basketball national high school team that replaces Aspire, which has relocated to Louisville after one year in Scottsdale. FROM JUNE 2016: Aspire seeks place at prep academy table Don Brown, co-founder and athletic director at Bella Vista College Prep, which gave Aspire the academics part and a gym to start its prep academy last year, said that Kyle Weaver reached out to him.  "I got a call from Kyle," Brown said. "We're both on the same page academically. I don't think there is any question he knows basketball." Kyle Weaver is working on his roster and schedule and says he already...Read more
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