State expands massive homeless sweep to troubled Nimitz bike path

Tuesday, 05 December 2017, 08:16:58 AM. The bike path along Nimitz Highway will be closed for the next two weeks to deal with the homeless situation.  

The bike path along Nimitz Highway will be closed for the next two weeks to clear out an entrenched homeless encampment. 

On Monday morning, crews closed the Nimitz bike path between Middle and Ahua streets as they sought to kick off a homeless sweep.

The closure is scheduled to last about two weeks to give time workers to clear out trash left behind in the area.

Several state agencies will be assisting with the massive homeless sweep under the Nimitz overpass and along the bike path. Over four million pounds of trash have already been collected in the area since cleanup efforts started earlier this year.

A sweep in October was the largest in the past two years.

At the time, about 180 people and dozens of pets were living under the Nimitz Viaduct.

Outreach workers will be on hand over the next several days to try and get the homeless campers into shelters or housing.

Officials say the homeless population that lives in the area has been especially resistant to help.

That's proven to be one of the biggest obstacles the state has faced in trying to keep this area clear. 

This has also been the site of several dog attacks in recent months.

Officials have said much of the trash and debris accumulated by the illegal homeless encampment has also floated into streams and ended up in Honolulu Harbor and Keehi Lagoon. 

The state has said they hope their efforts will be more permanent than in the past, which is why rail contractors will install fencing and provide security to keep illegal campers from returning after the cleanup is done.

Crews wrap up Nimitz Viaduct clean-up, hauling out 4M pounds of trash

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