Steller column: Steve Bannon is news, not a newsman

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 01:11:37 PM. There's already a chaotic effect of Steve Bannon landing back in Tucson this weekend.
For a while Tuesday, all journalists were banned from an event this Saturday in which a famous non-journalist is to receive an award for “courage in journalism.” Confused? That’s the chaotic effect of Steve Bannon landing back in Tucson. Bannon first made a mark here in 1994, helping take over management of Biosphere 2 in a sudden shake-up demanded by founding investor Ed Bass. Police were called in, security officers lined the property, a break-in happened, arrests occurred and lawsuits ensued before Bass handed over management to Columbia University in 1996. This year, the Brian Terry Foundation invited Bannon, now widely known for helping get Donald Trump elected president, to its annual banquet in Tucson. Bannon is slated to talk about border security and receive an award, said Terry’s cousin Robert Heyer, the chair of the foundation. Terry, a member of the Border Patrol’s tactical unit, was killed in December 2010 by a member of a “rip crew” looking to steal loads of drugs from smugglers west of Rio Rico. That’s bad enough, but the story became more galling because the crew carried guns bought in Phoenix and smuggled into Mexico as part of an ill-conceived sting run by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the notorious Operation Fast and Furious. Bannon is a natural to speak to this audience. The outlet he runs, Breitbart News, has specialized in reporting alarming news about the border, immigrants and Muslims, and it also acts as a voice for the Border Patrol...Read more
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