Survey Shows Women Are More Worried About AHCA Than Men

Sunday, 30 July 2017, 04:32:45 PM. Go figure.

A recent SurveyMonkey poll found that a majority of women between the ages of 18-64 are worried that they could be “worse off” if the Affordable Health Care Act is passed ― but men are less likely to share that opinion. 

The survey, conducted between May 15 and May 22, found that younger women between the ages of 18-34 are also more opposed to the AHCA than older women aged 36-64, with 59 percent of young women fearing they’ll be worse off with the AHCA, whereas only 49 percent of older women feel the same. That said, all women are still more worried about what the AHCA could mean for them than men. 

Less than half of men between the ages of 18-34 polled think that they would be worse off with the proposed changes ― the survey found that 44 percent of young men think that they would be worse off with the AHCA, and 39 percent of men aged 35-64 feel the same. 

The differences of opinion in gender are certainly understandable given the nature of the legislation. Under Trumpcare, the cost of pregnancy could increase by 425 percent, and sexual assault could be considered a preexisting condition, as could postpartum depression and having a C-section.  

The findings are part of an overall national disapproval of the AHCA. In fact, a recent HuffPost/YouGov poll found that the approval rate for the AHCA is at a dismal 26 percent. 

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