The 2017 revolution no one saw coming

Monday, 13 November 2017, 09:47:10 PM. The uprising against male domination, sexual harassment, and abuse is becoming the great social revolution of the 21st century. And the strange part is that you can 'thank' President Trump.
The real revolutions are the ones that you never see coming. Just ask Czar Nicholas II or Marie Antoinette. Or Harvey Weinstein. Our October Revolution of 2017 is rapidly becoming the greatest social upheaval of the young 21st century: We are witnessing an all-out assault on the Bastille-like fortress of male domination, patriarchy, and the sexual reign of terror that has come with that. The proverbial heads are rolling from Hollywood to Washington to Madison Avenue faster than a French guillotine, circa 1793. The realization that we’ve crossed an epic tipping point came on a chilly Friday afternoon when – just minutes apart – the Washington Post reported that Bible-and-pistol-toting Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore once had a warped proclivity for hitting on girls as young as 14 (when he was 32) and the New York Times revealed comedian Louis C.K.’s forced sexual perversions on unwilling women and, as has been the case in almost all of these stories, C.K.’s use of clout to enforce silence from both those who experienced it and the media. The bombshell revelations are coming not daily but hourly. They are big names from the movies, the news media, Silicon Valley, and electoral politics. The men are liberal … and conservative; invariably, some are celebrities that you loved and some are celebrities that you loved to hate. The allegations vary dramatically, as well, from verbal harassment to allegations of flat-out rape, and there’s now an offshoot of men accused of...Read more
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