The Best Shakeology Review 2017

Wednesday, 03 January 2018, 03:42:12 PM. An acquaintance with the world of diet supplements starts with a certain product, which underlies the overall opinion of the performance.

 It means that users experience either positive potency or negative outcome. In most cases, that stage is decisive for subsequent application of nutritional additives. Hence, a choice of a shake is rather important.


Universal Drink


A couple years ago, the name of Shakeology was cutting-edge in numerous magazines, websites, and other resources associated with nutrition. The product entered the market as a solution to replace a full meal, cope with food cravings, build muscles, and provide other benefits for health and weight management. Certainly, such boastful claims hit the target and consumers made their choice.


Why Is It So Popular?


The popularity of the shake is a mystery. As a rule, people are appealed by the low price and high quality. In that case, both parameters are failed. No, Shakeology is not a terrible and ineffective product but the quality-price ratio is far from the optimum value. You can see this in best shakeology review.


Thirty servings of the supplement cost around $130. Using a simple mathematical action we’ve got more than $4 per serving. This is one of the highest prices on the market. Perhaps, it is justified by a terrific content. Let’s see what is under the hood.




The principal Shakeology’s hallmark is the presence of multiple so-called superfoods among which one can encounter sacha inchi, maca root, and other exotic ingredients. The entire number is more than 50 components.


At the same time, when you choose a supplement for weight management, the protein is the core element to be considered. Unfortunately, you won’t find a pure whey protein in Shakeology since it offers a blend of whey protein isolate and plant-based sources. The latter is known for a deficiency of amino acids. Frankly speaking, you can find several successful usages of protein formulas on the market. The said supplement does not belong to that group. One can’t say that such solution is bad. Though compared to pure forms of protein and other exquisite blends, the shake produced by Beachbody lags behind.


The set of miscellaneous components is present to provide versatile benefits like detoxication, digestion improvement, a decrease of cholesterol level and others. It is also mentioned that weight reduction is promoted by using Shakeology. However, it does not contain any ingredients with a specific weight loss performance.


Effective or Not


The web is overfilled with multiple positive reviews and feedback provided by real consumers. Still, the share of mentions related to weight management performance is not as big as it may seem. Users admit a great taste and decent appetite suppression capabilities of the said product.


To choose it or not is up to you only. As you can see, Shakeology has occupied a certain niche on the market of dietary nutrition and been keeping its level within a couple of years. At the same time, it is possible to find cheaper products with the better performance.  


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